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Bride bakes life-size wedding cake of her and her groom

British baker - and bride - Lara Mason has stunned her groom - and their wedding guests - by unveiling a spectacular wedding cake: a life-size replica of her and her groom, Nick - that she made.

The art of choosing the perfect wedding cake

Deciding on your wedding cake is one of the best things about planning a wedding. It's the perfect excuse to try different flavours and frostings - all in the name of research.

Terrific travel-themed inspirations for your wedding

For couples with a serious case of wanderlust, these fabulous travel-inspired wedding ideas will have them (and your guests) ready to pack your suitcases and head off into the wild blue yonder!

Expo trends 2015: What’s hot at the bridal expos

    What’s hot in wedding cakes What’s hot in wedding dresses What’s hot in wedding invitations

Expo trends 2015: What’s hot in wedding cakes

Whether you’re after a traditional fruit cake for your big day or a wedding cake made from tiers of different flavours, the only thing that cakes in 2015/2016 have in common is that, well, they have nothing in common! Here

Trends: What’s hot in wedding cakes

Tall or short? Two tiers or four tiers? Mud, rosewater or carrot? Classic or quirky? Like your wedding dress, your wedding cake is a wonderful way of expressing your personality, reflecting the romantic atmosphere of your big day - and unleashing your creativity!

Classic black and white… for your wedding cake?

Classic black and white doesn’t get much more stunning than this!

Now this is how to do chocolate and strawberries at your wedding

Now this is how we like our cake, dripping in chocolate (and strawberries!) Who needs any other kind of food, when this is displayed in a prominent spot of the room?

Let the cake dance away!

We love dancing and we love cake, hence our love for this dance-themed wedding cake!

Is it the cake or the macarons?

Can’t decide between a wedding cake or celebratory macarons? Why not have both?