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Wreaths instead of bouquets?

Allergic to flowers? Why not opt for a wreath rather than a traditional bouquet bursting with blooms?  

Cuteness in focus

It’s the flower girl, not the bride who stands front and centre in this shot – and rightly so! What a cutie…  

Exquisite wedding bouquet

How absolutely perfect this bride looks. There are delicate flowers everywhere, and what about that exquisitely crafted bouquet? ♥

Perfect bridal styling + single-bloom bouquet

We love the styling of this shoot, featuring gorgeous American model Arizona Muse. Aside from the sleek, ruffled gown and Arizona’s hair, we can’t take our eyes off that single-bloom bouquet!

Stunning succulents for your big day

With gorgeous colours and designs, succulents are bringing new vibrancy, style and appeal to wedding bouquets.

B is for Bride!

Here’s a bouquet shot with a difference. Have the bride’s favourite gals hold their bouquets so that they form the bride’s initial. ♥

Keep your bouquet fresh and lively

Here’s one way to ensure the bride’s bouquet, and those of her bridesmaids, stay fresh (and not floppy) for her big walk down the aisle, especially on a hot summer’s day: Place them in a vase or (pretty) jar with

No more dripping stems

Rather than having bare stems show through at the bottom of your ‪wedding‬ bouquet, why not finish it superbly with rows of pearlised pins? The effect is so much more elegant – and you won’t have to contend with dripping

Wedding bouquet that’s both elegant and edible

Yumbo! A bouquet alternative that looks amazing – and tastes good too! We’re not sure if you should make a bouquet toss or hide yourself and eat it. LOL!

Baubles galore: A most fitting Christmas bouquet

Bright 'n' bubbly baubles make for the perfectly themed bouquet at a Christmas wedding.