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How-to: A beginner’s guide to choosing your wedding music

Figuring out which songs to play as you walk down the aisle and have your first dance can be a truly daunting task. Sweet and romantic? Or funny and heartfelt? What if you and your partner can’t agree on anything?

Six wonderful ways to include a horse in your fairytale wedding

There’s nothing quite as magical as involving horses in a wedding. Here are six great ways that you can incorporate these beautiful animals on your day.

Six things to add to your wedding day to-do list

So after months of careful preparation, your big wedding day has finally arrived and you’re a bundle of nerves. To ensure the day runs smoothly, here are just a few things to add to your to-do list, from delegating people to help you out to remembering to pack a spare pair of undies for your honeymoon.

10 ways to incorporate balloons in your wedding

Most of us associate balloons with kids - and kids' parties, but here are 10 beautiful balloon ideas for your wedding - and they'll have you, erm, 'bursting' with bridal joy.

10 top tips to be a terrific wedding guest

Being a great wedding guest is about more than just turning up on a couple's big day.

Five tips for choosing the right menu for your wedding

He's cooked for royalty and now, Chef Paul, shares his tips for putting together a wedding menu you'll always remember.

Cocktails and caravans: one man’s quest to keep your wedding guests entertained

For many brides and grooms, having a gap of several hours between the wedding ceremony and the reception is simply unavoidable – but that doesn’t mean your guests have to be bored! While many have an hour to 90-minute break

Techie trends for using QR codes in your wedding

Brides and grooms are forever trying to streamline the process of communicating with their guests. From emails to Facebook groups, it’s all about making the two-way conversation an easy flow. And saving some money in the process. One of the latest

10 ideas for your rustic wedding

Rustic themes are all the rage. And why wouldn’t they be, with their beautiful combination of earthy tones, inspiration drawn from nature and beautiful touches of wood? If you’re looking to tap into the mood, here are 10 ideas to

That’s not a (wedding) cake, THIS is a (wedding) cake…

All we can say is, 'wow!' This amazing cake acts as a blank canvas for some rather dazzling light shows, so it truly will be a 'centrepiece' at your wedding. Oh, and, yes, you can have your whiz-bang tech cake - and eat it too