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Choosing the perfect hashtag for your wedding

Despite their seemingly super-human powers for capturing hundreds of special moments in just a few hours, even the most seasoned wedding photographer can’t be at every table, on the dance floor AND snapping the happy couple all at once. That’s why creating a wedding hashtag can encourage

The five secrets of memorable wedding photography

So you’ve been googling ‘wedding photography’ for awhile now and ooh-ing and aah-ing over some of the breathtaking images you’ve come across. But how did that magic happen? What was going on behind the camera and how can that all be recreated for your own wedding? Here, Michael Zhao from Lightheart Films and Video reveals the secrets to creating wonderful wedding photography you’ll cherish in years to come.

Five ways to ensure stellar wedding photos

It’s a cliche, but one that, nonetheless, rings ever true: a picture really is worth a thousand words, but the case is doubly true when it comes to your wedding photos. So, it's crucial to choose a wedding photographer who suits you and your preferred style of wedding photography.

Wedding photography: it’s about more than just point-and-shoot!

Proof that those stunning wedding photos are about more than just pointing and clicking!

Gallery: the world’s best wedding photos of 2015

  Each year, Junebug Weddings holds a wedding photography competition that receives more than 10,000 entries from across the globe. And, as you can see, the results are incredible. We’ve selected 30 of our favourites.    You can see the rest of Junebug’s collection

10 signs you’re an Instagram husband (or that you have one)…

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram, there's a guy like me - and a brick wall." They're the forlorn words of Jeff, one of a growing number of 'Instagram Husbands' whose only job is "to make her look good."

Wedding videos: can you afford NOT to hire a wedding videographer?

With so many services vying for your precious wedding planning dollar, wedding videography is, often, one of the services that gets the chop, but, says Ben Whimpey, the question shouldn’t be whether you can afford a wedding videographer, it's whether you can afford not to have one.

Groom ditches bride and shoots morning-of-the-wedding photos with best man…

A cheeky British groom has pulled off a morning-of-the-wedding photoshoot with a difference: he ditched his bride in favour of his best man - and the results are priceless.

Is it rude to ask guests not to take photos during the ceremony?

This bride doesn't want mobile phone-wielding guests to ruin her professional wedding photos but is wary of asking guests not to take photos during the reception. How should she do it?

Five hot tips for gorgeous bridal boudoir photography

Considering a boudoir photo session for your wedding? Here are some tips to ensure it's classy rather than crude.