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Artist lovingly sketches life with his wife every day for a year

A Michigan man has expressed his love for his wife in a series of charming sketches - one a day for a year in fact! These cute drawings detail all different aspects of their life together and are simply adorable.

Ex-Marine donates liver to stranger – and now they’re getting married

When former American Marine Chris Dempsey donated his liver, he never expected the recipient, Heather Krueger, would end up being his wife.

Love in the lab: 36 questions guaranteed to make you fall in love… with anyone?

Twenty years ago, New York psychologist Arthur Aron made two complete strangers fall in love using just 36 questions and, two decades later, a New York Times journalist tried it out for herself - and it worked.

Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell’s ‘Oscar-worthy’ wedding video

Oscar worthy wedding videos: Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell's epic wedding video

Words for ‘Love’ that can’t be translated into English

London-based jeweller Vashi has created a whimsical collection of illustrations aimed at showing just how many words there are that mean 'love' in other languages - and just how many cannot be translated into English.

What is home for you?

“When home turns into a person”, such a lovely sentiment and a definition of what is LOVE!

That must have been a romantic book

We’ve all seen gorgeous bunting and garlands made from fabric triangles or gorgeous ribbons, and we think this version – made from the pages of a book – is a beautiful addition to the ranks.

Video: Love has no labels

A couple kiss, shielded by a giant screen - then they step out from behind that screen and the audience starts to applaud...

A+ for efforts and wit!

LOL. A brilliant student fail, that wasn’t quite a fail. They know what we know: The strongest force on Earth is, indeed, LOVE!

Always – best wedding vows ever

Awww. What a wonderful, wonderful sentiment, and some lovely inspiration for your ‪wedding‬ vows. <3