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Grandmother shocked by grandson’s wedding day surprise

Sitting alone in a hospital bed dressed in her finest, 91-year-old New Jersey grandmother Peg McCormack may not have been able to attend her beloved grandson’s wedding – but that wasn’t going to stop her celebrating in her own humble

Woman rejects elaborate proposal after seeing the size of the ring

A Chinese man's elaborate - and very public - wedding proposal has been rejected by his would-be wife because his ring was too small.

Would you risk your life for the perfect wedding photo?

An American photographer with a passion for mountaineering is offering adventurous newlyweds the photo shoot of their dreams: extreme wedding photos taken at a dizzying 350m off the ground, often, teetering off a tiny ledge.

Video: Little boy interrupts wedding with important announcement

Kids say the darndest things! This little boy interrupted his mum and dad's wedding ceremony to tell his dad "I need a poo".

10 signs you’re an Instagram husband (or that you have one)…

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram, there's a guy like me - and a brick wall." They're the forlorn words of Jeff, one of a growing number of 'Instagram Husbands' whose only job is "to make her look good."

New York weddings don’t get much more classic than this

New Yorkers Heather Ribas and Warwick Potter were married in a classic New York style wedding that makes us want to watch Sex and the City reruns for the rest of the afternoon!

MTV stunt rider’s incredible wedding photos

Incredible wedding photos taken at Salt Flats

How to handle divorced or separated parents on your big day

Weddings can be a delicate affair at the best of times, but throw in divorced or separated parents - especially ones who didn't 'consciously uncouple' - and the tension can ratchet up.

Oh, oh! Groom can’t resist watching the rubgy – during his first dance!

The lure of his beloved rugby is so great for this groom, he can't resist taking a peek, well, more than a mere peek, during his first dance with his new bride.

What was this groom thinking?

Oh, dear! We're not quite sure what's going on in this wedding photo, uploaded by Alan Cooper on Twitter over the weekend, but we wouldn't want to be the bride when she saw it!