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You have $5 to build your ideal partner: What would you pick?

You have $5 to spend building your perfect partner. Which characteristics do you buy - and which do you forgo? Why?

10 ways to incorporate balloons in your wedding

Most of us associate balloons with kids - and kids' parties, but here are 10 beautiful balloon ideas for your wedding - and they'll have you, erm, 'bursting' with bridal joy.

This is her side and this is also her side

Well, it works, and there’s no way this will ever change so why not just laugh about it. Every woman should get one of these linens so there are no arguments.

Ceremony backdrops with some serious ‘wow’ factor

It might be a nice day for a white wedding, but that doesn't mean your ceremony backdrop can't come alive in a blaze of texture, colour and creativity. Here's 10 sensational inspirations to get you started.

Techie trends for using QR codes in your wedding

Brides and grooms are forever trying to streamline the process of communicating with their guests. From emails to Facebook groups, it’s all about making the two-way conversation an easy flow. And saving some money in the process. One of the latest

The wondering horse

1) We’re not sure how this bride got onto a horse in that dress. 2) We’re not even sure how the bride got into that dress. 3) We wonder what the horse is thinking.

Well, why not, it’s Friday afterall

TGIF! Anyone marrying this weekend? Perhaps you’re having a wedding?

Wedding entertainment goes undercover?

You’ve heard of undercover agents, undercover reporters and even undercover bosses. But what about undercover entertainment?

Roarsome inspirations for a dinosaur-themed wedding

With the movie Jurassic World due out next month, it’s reignited excitement about all things dinosaur. But for some brides and grooms, T-Rex was already a must-have guest. And here are 10 ideas you can steal from them...

Happy Monday!?

Happy Monday, folks… unless you feel like this. Ehem…