The latest in Spring weddings this season

Spring has sprung and once again we are heading into peak wedding season around the country. But while many of you might be getting closer and closer to tying the knot, some of you might still be trying to get inspiration for your big day.

Don’t worry because we have got your back! We’ve surveyed more than 430 couples who are celebrating Spring weddings 2018 style to bring you the latest news, tips and trends of what weddings will look like this season.

spring weddings 2018

Image by Bonnie Jenkins Photography. See the real wedding.

How much will a Spring wedding cost me?

Being peak wedding season, it should come as little surprise that Spring weddings are among the more expensive dates throughout the year. Our data shows that most couples are going to be spending between $30,000 and $31,500 on their big day.

You’ll find that booking a Saturday wedding in Spring will be difficult without some notice, as 64% of all weddings occur on a Saturday. So if you’re still looking for suppliers for your Saturday Spring wedding, it’s time to finish planning! That is unless you want to get married on AFL Grand Final Day, where you’ll find fewer than 4% of all Saturday weddings.

Sundays are also more popular in Spring, as are Fridays. So if you favourite supplier is booked out on a Saturday and you’re yet to set a date, consider one day before or after instead. Most people will take a day off work to attend a wedding if it falls on a Friday, and some will even sneak a Monday off if it’s a Sunday do!

You’ll also find that September is the busiest time for weddings this year, having five Saturdays in the month, following by November as the weather heats up and then October.

spring weddings 2018

Image by Travis Cornish Photography. See the real wedding.

What themes are popular in Spring?

We’re again seeing that rustic weddings are the most popular theme throughout Spring, as they are during most of the year. With the weather clearing up it’s easier to host a rustic wedding with both indoor and outdoor elements across the day.

Garden and outdoor weddings have also gone up in popularity during Spring, likely due to the weather, while we’re seeing boho-chic edge closer and closer to the top five as we embrace the casual elegance of the bohemian wedding.

Interesting, vineyard and vintage weddings are becoming less popular as more other themes take on elements from these. For instance, we’re seeing more vintage weddings while often boho chic weddings are being held at vineyards though not specific to the vineyard theme.

spring weddings 2018

Image by Blossom Daisy Creative. See the real wedding.

The most popular Spring colours

Shades of blue are the winner for the most popular colour award, with rich navies leading the charge. However, we are seeing more couples opt for lighter colours on their Spring wedding day. White is particularly popular in Spring while pink also rises above shades such as burgundy, which have been more popular during winter.

Other colour trends we’re noticing include a much larger focus on metallic, with gold coming in as the most popular metallic colour. Consider a scheme of blush pink, white and gold and you have yourselves an elegant classic wedding theme. We’re definitely going to see more metallic designs this Spring than we did towards the end of 2017, with a larger focus on personalised decal very adaptable to metallic colouring.

spring weddings 2018

Image by Christopher Morrison. See the real wedding.

What sort of flowers are on trend?

Good news! Roses are the most popular Spring wedding flower and they’re also in season all year round, so it’s easy to be able to incorporate the flower of love in your big day.

You’re also in luck if you’re a fan of the native floral and greenery trend. Proteas make up the top five most popular flowers and are also accessible all year round. Plus, by going with a native option you won’t have to import anything internationally and will likely be able to access some blooms for a more affordable price.

However, if you’re after peonies like so many others are, they actually have quite a small window of being in season. Peonies are generally in season for around 6 weeks between November and December, which means you’ll pay extra to import them outside their seasonal window.

If you are looking for a flower that isn’t in season then consider mixing your blooms in with some synthetic flowers as well. Artificial flowers are becoming much more popular as they become realistic, and also don’t run the risk of making your hay fever flare up! Whether you add an artificial flower into a bouquet with natural blooms or have an entirely artificial bouquet, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference!

spring weddings 2018

Image by Pepper Image. See the real wedding.

So what’s popular this season?

Greenery might be the gift that keeps on giving but it’s almost seen the end of its days as the most popular wedding trend. Instead, personalised signs have nearly come out on top, with more than half of you wanting something to personalise your day.

We love personalised features and we’re definitely fans of this trend. Whether it’s an acrylic feature with a decal, a steel cutout, a wooden sign or a gorgeous cake topper, we are all for making your day more about you. As more and more of us buck tradition we’re glad to see that celebrating your love and your relationship has stayed at the front of the wedding agenda as opposed to some more outdated wedding traditions. So keep the personalised signs coming!

On that note, more than 40% of all brides in Spring will be doing a wedding speech and good on you ladies.

Hoops and circular designs, as well as zero waste options, remain popular, and we’re definitely still seeing pets at weddings in Spring. Particularly as more couple opt for farmyard or country rustic venues and embrace the existence of the wedding cow. You can get some really gorgeous wedding day photos with animals, whether they’re cows, alpacas or dogs, so embrace a bit of the candid unknown and see what will happen!


What is your relationship with your Maid of Honor?

On the flip side, it looks like macrame is on its way out this Spring, and we’re still seeing the demise of moody and black cakes as we move further into the summer-y weather.

spring weddings 2018

Image by Jennings Media. See the real wedding.

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