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Name Wedding Date Wedding Location  
Yvette Ohn-Khin And Simon Biddle 23 Jan 2016  View Site
Kelly Hutcheson And Fil 21 Nov 2015  View Site
Heath Roberts And Jenny Zhang 07 May 2016 tbc  View Site
Charlotte Turnbull And Jimmy Martin 22 Aug 2015 Ewingsdale , 2481 New South Wales  View Site
Sophia Doss And Wayne Johnston 13 Feb 2016 Perth , 6000 Western Australia  View Site
Natasha Kent And Bruce Slade 14 Aug 2015 Port Douglas Qld 4877  View Site
Phil Burke And Marissa Canon 05 Apr 2015 The Manila Hotel  View Site
Ellen Randle And Matt Fender 27 Nov 2015 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park  View Site
Lauren Langley And Jarrod Dan 31 Oct 2015 Noosa North Shore Qld  View Site
Lynda Hodge And Jarryd Phillips 09 May 2015 Ballarat , 3350 Victoria  View Site
Julia Pearce And Mark Michaux 31 Oct 2015 Dixons Creek , 3775 Victoria  View Site
Supun Jayawardana And Sam King 28 Mar 2015  View Site
Melanie Wilson And John Cameron 09 May 2015 TBC  View Site
Tamara Hasanefendic And Karim Raphael 07 Sep 2015 Hawaii  View Site
Ishan Brahmbhatt And Firstname Lastname 15 Sep 2014  View Site
Shay-Lea Thomis And Evan Turner 27 May 2016 Tbc  View Site
Jasmine Wills And Daniel Russo 01 Aug 2015 Cairns , 4870 Queensland  View Site
Tahlia Johnston And Matthew Millington 30 Apr 2016 Woodlands of Marburg  View Site
Janina Mok And Ken Mak 26 Jul 2015  View Site
Paris Cramp And Tim Hamilton 25 Jun 2016 Brisbane Qld  View Site