Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Choosing your bridal hairstyle and accessories can be difficult enough, but deciding how your bridesmaids'bridesmaids hair should look might be even harder as you have to take their style and opinion into account. The answers to these common questions about bridesmaids' hairstyles should help you to make some key decisions.

Should all the bridesmaids have the same hairstyle?

The answer to this depends on how many bridesmaids you have, their ages, and their everyday hairstyles. If you have a lot of bridesmaids of different ages all the adult bridesmaids should all have a similar style and the young bridesmaids or flower girls should have a similar style, but the two styles don't need to be the same.

If some of your bridesmaids have long hair, and others have short hair, they won't be able to have perfectly matching styles. However you will be able to achieve a similar effect by having the long haired bridesmaids wear an up do, and using similar accessories for everyone. When you line the bridesmaids up for a photo it will be very obvious if some are wearing their hair long and others have their hair up or short.

While your bridesmaids' hair styles don't need to be identical, they should all follow a general theme. Perhaps you are having an elegant evening wedding, where sleek hairstyles without a hair out of place would work well. Alternatively you may be having a daytime garden wedding, in which case a soft, tousled, romantic look might be more appropriate.

If your bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress, allowing them to choose their own hairstyle and accessories can allow them to inject a little of their own personality and style into their outfit. If they are wearing different dresses, on the other hand, having matching hairstyles can be an effective way of making them look like a group.

Should the bridesmaids' hairstyles match the bride's?

Some brides feel that having bridesmaids with contrasting hairstyles to their own will help to highlight the individuality of their bridal look. If the bride has a complex up do, long loose hair with an Alice band or a half up do could be the perfect choice for her bridesmaids.

On the other hand, some brides choose to create a sense of unity by reflecting their hairstyle in the bridesmaids' styles. Generally the bridesmaids would have a less intricate or complicated design than the bride, but they could still have basically the same style, for example a French twist, a bun, or a chignon.

Wearing similar accessories can also be a way to unify the hairstyles of the girls in the wedding party, and some bridesmaids even wear small versions of the bride's tiara. Side bands with fabric corsages and slim Alice bands are both popular accessories for bridesmaids, and can be worn again after the wedding.

Can you suggest bridesmaid hairstyles to suit my wedding style?
  • - For a formal wedding a sleek high bun with a crystal comb or slim Alice band would be a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle. Shorter haired bridesmaids can just slick back their hair and add the Alice band.
  • - For a semi formal wedding, a romantic French twist with loose curly tendrils framing the bridesmaid's face can work well.
  • - For a casual wedding try pinning back loose curls into a half up do and weaving in some fresh or fabric flowers to match the bride's bouquet.
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